10 Influencers Dedicated to Women’s Issues That Matter

As women, we face very unique experiences and challenges on a daily basis. In a world that is still riddled with patriarchy and racial oppression, it is important that women stand up for one another to ensure the safety and autonomy of us all. Women’s empowerment can come in many forms and lucky for us, these women have taken their knowledge and expertise online. From thriving in your corporate career to deepening your understanding of what truly brings you pleasure, these women will leave you feeling seen, reflective, and inspired.

Myleik Teele

Myleik Teele is an Atlanta-based businesswoman and creator of the wildly successful beauty brand CurlBox. Known for her hot takes and business acumen, Myleik shares her personal and professional gems that she has learned throughout her entrepreneurial journey on her podcast, The My Taught You Podcast. Essentially, she’s the straight-shooting big sister that EVERYONE really needs.

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Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Dr. Jessica Shepherd is a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and media health expert who can frequently be seen on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Dr. Oz. Women’s health and sexual wellness are at the top of Dr. Shepherd’s priority list when it comes to providing education and tips to the public. Most recently, she shared her thoughts on why racism is, in fact, a public health issue.

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Thea Monyee

Thea Monyee is a creative, a healer, a therapist, and the host of the Shaping the Shift Podcast. As the founder of MarleyAyo Creative Consulting, Thea’s work is focused on two critical elements: joy and pleasure. She is a passionate and outspoken leader that speaks from the heart and is at the forefront of conversations around the many ways that oppression prevents healing for us as individuals and as a society.

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Erica M. McAfee

Erica M. McAfee is the founder of Sisters in Loss, a forum for women to connect, share their pregnancy loss and infertility stories. As a birth and bereavement doula and speaker, Erica is also a fierce advocate of Black Infant and Maternal Health. Her platform is a safe space that has helped countless women overcome the shame and guilt often associated with loss and fertility challenges.

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Devi Brown

Former radio personality, Devi Brown is an author, meditation guide, and well-being educator. Her podcast, Dropping Gems, is all about self-discovery, honest conversations, and demystifying your spiritual journey. As a Deepak Chopra certified meditation educator, Devi provides some amazing insights on the importance of mindfulness and practical advice for implementation into your everyday life.

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Kimberly B. Cummings

As a career and leadership expert, Kimberly B. Cummings is the go-to source for helping women of color successfully navigate success in the workplace. From sharing the best ways to demonstrate your leadership skills during challenging times and owning your power to landing the job of your dreams, Kimberly shares a wealth of knowledge and resources via speaking engagements, on her social media platforms, and on CNBC.

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Dr. Alicia Hodge

Psychologist Dr. Alicia Hodge’s mission is to teach us all how to slay our anxiety away. Featured in Nylon Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Bustle, Dr. Hodge shares practical tips for managing your mental health, effectively, on a daily basis. From coping with anxiety in the workplace to advice that will help you recharge your energy throughout the week, her advice is thoughtful, relatable, and timely.

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Neferteri Plessy

Navigating life as a single mother is anything but easy, but having the right support system in place can make all the difference. As the founder and CEO of Single Moms Planet, Neferteri Plessy provides support and resources that cover a wide range of topics including co-parenting, divorce transition, and childcare support.

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Patrice C. Washington

According to the U.S. Department of Education, over 3 million American women lack the financial literacy skills necessary to conduct basic banking transactions. Patrice C. Washington, know as The Money Maven, is a personal finance expert, speaker, and host of the Redefining Wealth Podcast. She shares tips on financial goal setting, developing a wealth mindset, and living a life of purpose. Patrice also tackles how our emotional state can play a role in our relationship with money.

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Claudine Cooper

Claudine Cooper is a fitness trainer, writer, and coach. Rooted in the mind-body-spirit connection, Claudine that shares words of wisdom and family-friendly workouts on her social media platforms. With a passion for community health and wellness, she delivers powerful talks on women’s empowerment, parenthood, and healthy living.

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