We are in a very critical time right now. In addition to living in the middle of a pandemic, we’re dealing with racial conflict across the country, and it’s an election year. We’ve got a lot going on.

As lifestyle influencers, we are in the very special position of bringing a sense of normalcy to our audiences. We get to use our platforms to share fun stories, remind our followers to find the silver lining, and yes… introduce them to products and services that help to make their lives easier.

Building up a community that we can count on to like, click, and share is no small feat. For many of us, we’re able to take care of our families because of our ability to capture the attention of others online.

Influencers have a responsibility for using their platforms for more than just financial gain and the adoring attention of our followers. Right now we need all hands on deck in educating and empowering other humans to change the trajectory of the state of our world.

I know that it’s difficult to know how to do that, though. It’s especially challenging to figure out how to add a new dimension to your content when your audience is used to coming to you for one thing.

That’s why a brilliant group of influencers have come together to create The Influencer Activist Toolkit. This ridiculously thorough resource can be used by lifestyle influencers who are interested in using their platforms to inspire change.

In addition to the Toolkit:

We’ll be sending out a weekly email with information to help influencers become more informed about causes that would benefit from their influence. There will also be ideas to educate creators on the best way to amplify important messages.

This toolkit really does focus on the lifestyle folks. I understand that from a business standpoint that you have to share the beautiful cookies posts, outfit of the day, and the summer BBQ recipes. There’s nothing wrong with that, and actually, that’s the hook!

Our goal with this is two-fold:

Educating Influencers – Teaching you the things you may not know so that you can share with your audience from an organic point of view.

Helping Influencers Educate Their Audiences – It’s one thing to know something, it’s another to teach it. Especially on the internet. Our goal is to support you in learning how to infuse messages of change and action into your lifestyle brand.

But guess what? There’s more! We’re also producing a series of Influencer Activist videos to go deeper on some of the themes in the toolkit. We know that everyone learns differently, and we want to cover all of our bases.

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We are incredibly grateful to Danielle Liss from Businessese, Tiffany Romero from Sway Group, Ashleigh Evans from InBooze, Women Online, and Katherine Shorter from Yoked, Virginia Duan from Mandarin Mama  for being major sponsors of the Influencer Activist Toolkit, and giving us the opportunity to pay every single contributor of this resource.


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We’d also like to thank the dozens of Courage To Earn members who have donated over the last month to this project. You’ll see all of their names in the toolkit.

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