2020 Conferences for Influencers, Content Creators, and Digital Entrepreneurs

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Industry-related conferences seem to be a right of passage for passionate content creators. After spending a length of time honing and carving out a unique niche and consistently producing content, there comes a time when attending a conference is the next, plausible step. They provide attendees with valuable tools and resources to help them continue to produce and market quality digital content. The following are a few of the more popular conferences for content creators in 2020.  


2020 marks the third year of the Courage to Earn More Retreat. This empowering retreat connects content creators with one another, and to industry-leaders that can help them learn how to take the proper steps to propel them into the next stage of success in their business. This close-knit, personal gathering allows content creators to work together and empower one another to ensure a successful year for everyone.  


The AWEsome Retreat, held from February 27 – 29, has the distinction of being the only theme park influencer retreat held on the West Coast. The AWEsome Retreat is a two-day mastermind event that brings content creators together for a unique conference experience. Attendees will brainstorm with other like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from industry leaders, take advantage of local experiences, and even be able to spend a day in Disneyland for group activities.

The Watermark Conference for Women is a full-day immersion in all things related to the issues women face. Attendees will hear from thought leaders and professionals on topics like entrepreneurship, finance, and work/life balance. It is an ideal conference for women seeking networking opportunities and those interested in personal growth and development.  


The Altitude Summit, known by content creators as the Alt Summit conference will be held from March 1st through the 6th in Palm Springs, CA. This week-long event is ideal for content creators seeking the camaraderie of a community. It provides a variety of networking and collaboration opportunities for content creators in the digital space. It is considered a quintessential meeting of the minds where creators across all platforms come together to cheer one another on and learn from each other.  


The Mom 2.0 Summit brings influencers and content creators from a variety of niches together in a 2-day gathering. It is billed as ‘an open conversation between moms, marketers, and media’. This years’ event is being held in Los Angeles from May 6 – 8. The summit culminates in an Iris Awards ceremony where creators in the parenting space are recognized and nominated by their peers for their impact, creativity, and achievements.  

The Women in Travel Conference  (WITS) will be held in Kansas City May 1 – 3, 2020 and connects women in the travel content creation and influencer space. 


Digital content creators seeking industry-insight as it relates to monetizing their blogs or assistance with creating more advertiser-friendly content flock to Mediavine conferences. This year Mediavine Conference 2020 will be held in Baltimore from June 3rd through the 5th.  


DIY and home decor digital content creators shouldn’t miss the Haven Conference being held in Atlanta, GA from July 18-20. This conference includes sessions and workshops related to blogging, decorating, writing, home improvement, social media, and more.  


Content creators interested in learning about and connecting with podcasters in the online digital space will enjoy the Podcast Movement conference being held from August 5 -8, 2020 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. With educational sessions, a trade show, network opportunities, panels, and breakout sessions, it is the conference for those in the podcast industry.


BloggyCon will be held from September 18 – 20 at Cedar Point in Ohio. Attendees can choose from a variety of sessions designed to enhance their writing and photography skills. They’ll also learn from industry experts, how to maximize their social media presence and expand their reach. 


TBEX is a multi-location, multi-destination conference for content creators in the travel industry. It connects bloggers, journalists, brands and industry leaders each year in locations throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Lafayette, Louisiana is the host city for this year’s conference. It runs October 6th – 9th.

Irvine, CA is the host city for the 2nd Annual ShiftCon influencer conference. This eco-wellness based conference brings “Shifters” (members of an online influence community) together and connects them with brands, products, and services that help them share how to live more sustainable and eco-friendly lives. 


The International Food Blogger Conference joins bloggers, social media professionals, writers, and food, beverage and cooking industry representatives. This 4-day series of educational demonstrations, sessions, and workshops will be held in El Paso, TX beginning November 15, 2020.

Additional Conferences for Content Creators 

There are a few conferences held in various locations throughout the year. Flock Presents offers six conferences in North America. The Flock Presents series of conferences kick off in New Orleans in February. The one-day, conference travels to San Diego and Phoenix in March, and then New York City in June. Connect and Learn is a networking event for women bloggers and business owners. The retreat will be held in March in Orlando and in September in Pennsylvania. 

With inspiring speakers, helpful breakout sessions, and opportunities to network with brands, a digital content conference can be a great way to take your business to the next level.


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