How To Encourage A More Gender-Balanced World

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How fantastic is it to see influencers using their platform to shed light on important causes? It’s quite the noble act to share your beloved audience with others who may not have the reach that you have. As you work to uplift others, don’t forget about yourself.

It’s not unusual for women to give their all to support others, but when it comes to what we need, we aren’t as bold. Activate your influence to improve your condition, and that of other women as well.

Here are some thing you can share with your audience, your community, and your network to encourage a more gender-balanced world. Also, we’re sharing some things that you can do as a woman to take action on behalf of your sister.

1. Pay Women.

What we can do: Women need to charge their worth. Don’t be afraid of negotiating. Speak up if you’re being underpaid.

2. Celebrate other women’s achievements.

What we can do: Get out of the mindset that talking about your accomplishments is bragging. Let people know what you do well.

3. Respect women as leaders in your company or organization.

What we can do: Stop offering to take notes in every meeting, or planning the birthday parties. Step up to lead initiatives that will challenge and stretch you.

4. Listen to women and give them an opportunity to contribute.

What we can do: Speak up. Call out your colleagues when they mansplain or talk over you.

5. Commit to being a leader.

What we can do: Stop acquiescing to be polite. If you KNOW you’re the best fit, fight for your opportunity.

6. Use your privilege to advocate on behalf of other women.

What we can do: White women, use the privilege you have to ensure that once you get a seat, you bring women of color, trans women, disabled women to the table, too.

7. Give women financial support.

What we can do: Ask for money. Besides a robust professional network, that’s pretty much all you need to build your business. When someone asks how they can help, ASK FOR MONEY.

8. Support women.

What we can do: Don’t get so caught up in the fight for gender equality that you forget that we’re in this together.


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