12 Body Positive Influencers You NEED to Follow

One of the best things to come about in the last 10-15 years is the third wave of the Body Positivity Movement. The idea that “all bodies are beautiful and need to be accepted as they are” is behind this powerful movement. And knocking down old beliefs that only one type of body is desirable is its goal.

Gone are the days when plus-size bodies weren’t featured in catalogs or store displays, nowadays you’ll find all body types on display. And there’s no shaming anybody in this movement, where you are is where it’s at!

Here are 12 Body Positive Influencers You Need to Follow

tess holiday body positive
Tess Holiday @TessHoliday

Tess Holiday @tessholiday

In 2012, social media revved up the body positivity movement. Tess kicked off this third wave of Body Positivity with her #EffYourBeautyStandards hashtag and site.

Pia Schiavo-Campo body positive
Pia Schiavo-Campo @MixedFatChick

Pia Schiavo-Campo @mixedfatchick

Pia writes her blog, Mixed Fat Chick, where she encourages “women to take up as much space as they damn well need to.” Pia is a powerful public speaker, brand strategist, improv actor, and author of the self-love book “Love it.”

Carly Anderson body positive influencer
Carly Anderson @LipGlossAndCrayons

Carly Anderson @lipglossandcrayons 

#justwearthesuit Did you see that hashtag last summer? Carly started it as a way to get women to just get out, wear the suit, and stop worrying about not having a perfect body. Follow Carly for more brilliance!

Anna O'Brien body positive influencer
Anna O’Brien @GlitterAndLazers

Anna O’Brien @glitterandlazers

One of the first Body Positive accounts I ever followed! Anna’s serious self-acceptance message is sprinkled in with fun videos, fashion hauls, and fashion shoots.

Clara Holmes body positive influencer
Clara Holmes @RollinFunky

Clara Holmes @rollinfunky

Clara is a body-positive model, blogger, and public speaker living with EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). Follow along for her fresh take on life in London in a wheelchair, where “she’s a woman with a disability, not a disabled woman.”

Summer Len Davis body positive influencer
Summer Len Davis @SummerLenDavis

Summer Len Davis @summerlendavis

Summer is an award-winning writer, weightlifter, mom, and curvy girl. She embraces her curves with love and grace and encourages others to do the same.

Kendall Rayburn body positive influencer
Kendall Rayburn @KendallRayburn

Kendall Rayburn @kendallrayburn

Kendall’s website and Instagram accounts are chock full of fun fashion choices, body-positive messages, and boy mom life anecdotes. Check her out for a fresh take on life.

Lorraine Cladish body positive influencer
Lorraine Cladish @LorraineCladish

Lorraine Ladish @lorrainecladish

Lorraine is truly a survivor. She’s beat an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, self-harm, depression, and anxiety, and come out of it all as a body-positive yoga teacher and author.

Aaronica Cole body positive influencer
Aaronica Cole @AaronicaBCole

Aaronica Cole @aaronicabcole

Aaronica is one busy person! Not only is she juggling kids, but two full-time, web-based businesses. She weaves green healthy living, body positivity, mom life, and so much more into the content she shares with her audiences across three Instagram accounts!

Katie Crenshaw body positive influencer
Katie Crenshaw @KatieMCrenshaw

Katie Crenshaw @katiecrenshaw

Katie is one of the authors of the book series, Her Body Can. These body-positivity books give young girls self-love messages in sweet children’s literature.

Autumn Meyer body positive influencer
Autumn Meyer @AWholeStory

Autumn Meyer @awholestory

Self-love, body love, belly love…you’ll find it all on Autumn’s page. Plus some serious relationship advice that you can put to good use!

Lizzo body positive influencer
Lizzo @LizzoBeEating

Lizzo @lizzobeeating

I mean do we even need an introduction here? Lizzo, music star, body-positive queen, flute playing goddess shares her messages of self-love and twerking daily on her account.

Laura Sampson is a food and lifestyle blogger writing at Little House Big Alaska. She’s into growing her own food, raising happy kids, the Great British Bake-Off. Follow her @littlehousebigalaska on IG.


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